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Express Yourself with Patches & Pins
Express Yourself with Patches & Pins

Meet the team


 My name is Morgan Marzulli and I am a Graphic Designer/Product Designer for Patches and Pins! I joined the team in Spring 2017, and my favorite part has been brainstorming ideas for socks and patches – top two fav designs being Unicorn Goals and Frieda Kahlo.  *Fun Fact: our new Dogs Life sock is based on my real life dog, Nemo the golden retriever, so that’s probably my third favorite * The P + P team has been so fun to be a part of because we really find inspiration everywhere. Working collaboratively, we take that inspiration and translate it into a bright, colorful product that really lets you express your feelings! When I’m not brainstorming ideas for new designs with Ayhan you can find me designing patterns for kids clothes, embroidering something, or traveling anywhere warm (I live in dreary Seattle… you need sun)! Even when I’m traveling, I’m still brainstorming new ideas for the products our customers love. I gotta say, I am so stoked for the future and all the kick-ass designs we have in store!





Hi, I’m Anna Lacson and I’m a graphic designer based in the colourful Philippine Islands. I’d like to think that my designs for P&P are “born in New York and designed in Paradise.” Indeed the designs you’re getting from these shops are the result of an international collaboration that celebrates diversity and unity, be it through our more humorous designs or inspirational quotes. I love working with this team for they motivate me to explore my ideas through fresh designs that have a fun and positive personality. I live a simple life surrounded by farms, fields, and flowers. My home is shared with our 2 large dogs, 2 lovable rescue cats, 4 leopard geckos, and tons of finches and cockatiels. I spend my days in my studio designing by hand or digitally. Every now and then I love to travel to bustling busy cities, for a change of perspective. I get to live the best of both worlds through my work and life balance, and I feel very lucky to be able to have the opportunities. Each day is wonderful and allow me to make my designs with a mood of optimism and happiness!

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